Taking Food Breaks – Essential

In some previous article which you can dig up, I mentioned that staying healthy and eating healthy is essential, not only health wise but also because of your performance in your day job, your mental state and even the relationships you build with other people. Today I will talk about the importance of having food breaks in your day, but most importantly during noon as your lunch break. There are actually many different preferences in the exact time for a lunch break depending on the industry you are working in. Also, depending if you are working in an office or at an industrial site, you may or may not even get a lunch break.

I know of a lot of people that work in construction (the labor force) that because of the strict and tight deadlines that need to be reached, are not given a chance to have a short snack right around noon. That causes these people to be less productive both short term and long term: when a worker doesn’t have energy to go on, you are risking of a mistake in the operation of an excavator or example. Over the course of years, you are tiring your workers and thus getting fewer and fewer results for your company. So it is essential for these people to be treated fairly and in a good way that will benefit both them but also the progress of the construction company. Someone working for a demolition company out in Atlanta, (http://www.atlantademolitionservices.com) whom I met at a networking event the other day, said that they all aren’t allowed a lunch break until certain part of a project is completed every single day. So in other words, the bulldozer operators are pretty much going to starve until certain parts of the building are demolished and things like that. I told him that was absurd what he confirmed with a head motion that this is the way they’ve been operating for so many years now.

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What Is America’s Cuisine?

This is something that has been bothering me for quite some time now, trying to figure out if we have something unique of our own, aside of the hot dogs and the cheese burgers. What is our cuisine? Do we have one? Or is it just a combination of Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Italian, Israeli and Turkish food?

Answer #2 looks to be closer to the truth. The truth is, we really don’t have something of our own: something that we have invented ourselves. In fact everything we have, is usually a combination of the other recipes that already exist. Honestly, if you don’t count hot dogs, cheese burgers and mashed potato I don’t think we have anything going for us. America has always been as a nation, a combination of things: a combination of cultures, a combination of food habits, a combination or religions, a combination of politics, a combination of opinions (and the list goes on and on) but never has it been one specific identity. So part of that, is not having our own cuisine or something we enjoy cooking more over something else. There really is no true American. We all have so many backgrounds and even if you consider that some Americans are natives, it gets even more complex. So it is kind of tough to have one cuisine across the board as a general rule; the same way there are so many religions and even opinions. When someone comes from some Asian country as an immigrant, it is hard for that person to get used to “western food.” Same thing goes for people that come from middle eastern parts of the world. The good thing about this story, is the great variety in food options. If someone is wanting to pay attention to their diet and make sure they are eating healthy, there are so many different options of healthy foods and recipes.

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Have Our Food Habits Changed Over The Years?

For some reason today, I got caught up in a historical oversight of different things, including food traditions and food habits used by different cultures and people at different times. Have you ever wondered how our food has evolved? I am not talking about processed or massed produced food, but rather the types of foods that we consume.

If you go back in the years of the Old Testament in the┬áBible and you pay attention at the types of foods being consumed, comparing to today’s culture you will see such a great difference. Back then as you probably know (and some of that is still existent today,) people were not allowed to eat pork along with other meats that were considered as very sinful foods for people to consume. Back then of course it had to do with religious beliefs and reality but the point is, the focus was more on vegetables and other similar types of nutrition. Whenever meat was being consumed, it was lamb or chicken or some bird. But never do you see pigs being slaughtered by the nation of Israel and being consumed by the people. In fact, if you go to the New Testament, you will see the incident where Peter had this vision of a sheet being lowered from Heaven which contained pork and other forbidden meats. He was so used to the tradition and laws of God up to that point, that he kind of questioned God about that vision and wondering how that can contradict what he’d been taught so far (about pigs being dirty and not being a worthy food to consume.)

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Natural Foods More Expensive? I Don’t Think So!

For some reason, people are under the impression that just because something is not produced on a mass level it will be more expensive for the average person out there. That same misconception exists for natural foods and whether those are more expensive than your older and processed foods.

I guess to really compare these, we would need to talk about similar pricing, quantities and type of food. So let’s just talk about the same type of food, depending on whether it’s natural or manufactured. Let’s take vegetables for example: are those always more expensive when they have been planted and grown in a more organic environment? “It depends” would be the right answer I guess.

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Why Staying Healthy Is Important

Health is something we all care about. In our daily lives, when talking about medical doctors and medical professionals, we all have them in our minds as great professionals that are really serving this world. But do we really care about health as much as we say we do? When we go out and eat junk fast food almost every single day, do we really care about our health or just our silhouette?

Many people think eating healthy is something long term: eat healthy now so you don’t have problems when you are older. Although this is right, many times, leading an unhealthy life will cause you problems a lot sooner than 70 years old. If someone is not being careful in the types of meats he/she is consuming and on top of that is a smoker, don’t be surprised if they get a heart attack at the age of 50. In fact, according to medical professionals, that age period is the most dangerous with women increasing in the statistic numbers.

Speaking of long term thought, even then, we say to ourselves “if I live 70 years, I am good to go.” Well…no you’re not. Years go by very very fast, and sooner than you’ll know it you will have aged my friend. The bad thing about time is that you can never get it back. So whatever time you wasted in your youth, is gone. The problem with being unhealthy and having bad nutrition habits, is that when you do end up sick you will be miserable. Think of all the cancer patients that developed the decease because of their smoking habits. Do you see them being cheerful and having a blast? No…you see them in excruciating pain with little to no hope left. So the point I’m trying to make here, is that eating healthy and living healthy (staying fit) means that you will have a better quality life. When you do get sick at some point, it won’t be as bad and your body will be able to handle it easier, compared to if your lunges are filled with that ugly black smoke or your veins have chunks of meat floating around.

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Read This if You are Planning to Fly Anytime Soon: Do NOT Fly United

If you have a flight in the near future and don’t want to be delayed read this. Many of you know that I travel about once a month all over the country to continue my quest to learn about the best approaches to facilitate wellness and healing. United has been my favorite airline and is clearly one of the best in the world.

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I welcome my guests!

Yes indeed you are guests – guests to a wonderful brand new blog talking about food. But not just any food…natural foods. In other words, the way God planned them to be without human intervention. Think of the damage we’ve caused in the food business for people, because we can’t rely on God’s great and holy plan for our nutrition. Why does man need to stick his dirty hands in God’s creations?

Although I am what most of you people would call “religious” out of respect for your own religious beliefs (if you got any) I won’t be getting in that area of discussion. I will however point out the destructive actions we as humans have taken for our food: not only where you find in the super markets, but also when you fly, when you take the train or when you order for it at an expensive restaurant. Through scientific proof, I will bring to you information in regards to the poisonous foods we are processing every single day. I will bring to all of you guys reports, and statistic data proving the exact statement which is: man intervention is a disastrous intervention.

I hope to see you all in the beautiful articles that are to be crafted in the upcoming days.

Stay blessed!

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