Natural Foods More Expensive? I Don’t Think So!

For some reason, people are under the impression that just because something is not produced on a mass level it will be more expensive for the average person out there. That same misconception exists for natural foods and whether those are more expensive than your older and processed foods.

I guess to really compare these, we would need to talk about similar pricing, quantities and type of food. So let’s just talk about the same type of food, depending on whether it’s natural or manufactured. Let’s take vegetables for example: are those always more expensive when they have been planted and grown in a more organic environment? “It depends” would be the right answer I guess.

If we talk about things like¬†onions, organic onions would probably be a little bit more expensive than the mass produced. However if we talk about tomatoes, where there are billions and billions of them, then no – it doesn’t need to be more expensive, or that more expensive. Even among the mass produced vegetables (with all the chemicals and what you are probably thinking about) you can find healthier foods to consume than others. All you need to do, is shop around and learn where those came from. Thinking of certain States, I can immediately tell if something would be of greater or lower quality. For instance when I think of Los Angeles, sure it’s in California and there is a big farm industry in that state. But I know, that by the time the veggies get into the city, those would probably ruin. So that means that the transportation companies need to add some chemicals to preserve them in the long drive. So when I go for shopping let’s say in Los Angeles, I am pretty much guaranteed to not have fresh and quality vegetable products. But let’s say I’m somewhere in the South for some reason my brain tells me that it’s better for me.

I don’t know…I could be wrong but generally speaking I’m not. Big cities are more polluted and usually the type of food consumed there (because it’s on such a large scale) is of lower quality than if you are on the country side. Now, does that mean that if you live in a small city in Alabama, the food will be better for you? Of course not! But you increase your chances of eating in a more healthy manner.

I guess the only way for you to be 100% sure that what you eat is good, is if you go and have your own small garden. I can already read your minds of not having space in a city to have a garden. But hear me out: did you know that tomatoes can grow in pots – the same type of pots you use for your flowers? Did you really know that? Probably not! It’s true, you can have your own small tomato plants and eat tomatoes until the day you die. In that case, you surely know what you are putting in there and unless you dump chemicals, you are good to go. So be wise with your food, especially if you got family (which means you got greater responsibility.) Put some lettuce in your pot and keep watering it while you see it grow. Think about it: you got some tomatoes and some lettuce and soon you can be making your own salads, instead of eating the crap McDonald’s serves you.

Honestly, if you are so serious about your health, you will find the way. Many people living in apartment buildings, make a deal to turn the top of the building into a small garden (with all the dirt required etc.) Some people even plant trees up there. As long as you are creative, you should be able to live a healthy and good life. Just don’t settle for the crap super markets are getting you. Spend an extra buck or two for something that will be good for you. Keep in mind, that what you save now for a lower quality product, you will be paying later on for doctors and nursing help. So make sure you are investing appropriately in your future. I ain’t saying be hysterical about it – just a balanced diet should last you way more years than the type of diet you have right now (I’m guessing – I don’t know how you eat.)

I know I have sparked some controversies here, so please do reach out to me and tell me everything that’s on your mind. Honestly, you will feel much better and at least you will get it off your chest. Be honest and don’t be shy! If you are looking for more health tips and better nutrition, stay tuned for more¬†interesting articles. I always make sure I provide all the scientific and statistic data behind what I say. So don’t for one second think that I’m making things up. These are all credited and well known things I am talking about.

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