Why Staying Healthy Is Important

Health is something we all care about. In our daily lives, when talking about medical doctors and medical professionals, we all have them in our minds as great professionals that are really serving this world. But do we really care about health as much as we say we do? When we go out and eat junk fast food almost every single day, do we really care about our health or just our silhouette?

Many people think eating healthy is something long term: eat healthy now so you don’t have problems when you are older. Although this is right, many times, leading an unhealthy life will cause you problems a lot sooner than 70 years old. If someone is not being careful in the types of meats he/she is consuming and on top of that is a smoker, don’t be surprised if they get a heart attack at the age of 50. In fact, according to medical professionals, that age period is the most dangerous with women increasing in the statistic numbers.

Speaking of long term thought, even then, we say to ourselves “if I live 70 years, I am good to go.” Well…no you’re not. Years go by very very fast, and sooner than you’ll know it you will have aged my friend. The bad thing about time is that you can never get it back. So whatever time you wasted in your youth, is gone. The problem with being unhealthy and having bad nutrition habits, is that when you do end up sick you will be miserable. Think of all the cancer patients that developed the decease because of their smoking habits. Do you see them being cheerful and having a blast? No…you see them in excruciating pain with little to no hope left. So the point I’m trying to make here, is that eating healthy and living healthy (staying fit) means that you will have a better quality life. When you do get sick at some point, it won’t be as bad and your body will be able to handle it easier, compared to if your lunges are filled with that ugly black smoke or your veins have chunks of meat floating around.

Eating healthy is also a very good example for the new generations. I know most of us have children or at least other younger people that look up to us (like younger siblings.) If all day, you are consuming hamburgers that have been created who knows where, you are setting a very wrong example for your kids. The difference between you and your kid, is that you may eat unhealthy but watch your weight. The kid doesn’t really understand, and just keeps on shoving those balls of meat and fat down. So America has ended up having overweight children. The youth of America is fat! Fatter than any other generation or any other country for that matter. Is it all the commercials and all the available options children have in America? I don’t know…maybe. It is of course better compared to children in say Liberia, but still: they need to have some balance. They need to understand that everything they do to their bodies are an investment. And whatever you – Dad or Mom – do to your body, is an investment for that child itself. They all look up to older adults, but mostly their parents. So make sure you aren’t going to be the one responsible for a very miserable life your child may have.

If I’m coming across as very aggressive and too “dark” please let me know. My intention is not that of course. I am only trying to help and wake up some people so that they understand how important is this for their lives.

Now, some of you will say: but eating healthy is really really tough.  Well…no it isn’t. Eating healthy, does not mean consuming beans all day. That in fact is unhealthy because if you don’t consume meats at all, that is just going to create lack in protein. Staying healthy for starters, means stop eating that crap food. I know many of you may be working at a McDonald’s or a Wendy’s but please try and help yourself and eat something better when you get home after work. So staying healthy doesn’t necessarily mean “eat that type of food” but rather “avoid this certain type of food.” Activity and exercise is something you can do as an active thing to maintain and preserve your health. But exercise doesn’t need to be something very tiring and exhausting (or even boring.) There are so many programs out there, that help you make exercise and staying fit, a fun thing you want to add to your daily routine.

Don’t stay passive with your health. Although as I mentioned, you can stay in a certain way passive and preserve the situation (don’t make it worse) if you really want to live a healthy life and ensure you are getting all the vitamins and proteins you need, you need to actively do something about this. And you don’t need to sign up for nutrition programs either. Half of the time, the people working there are twice your size and eating junk food all the time. A little bit of common sense, plus maybe some basic information on green and natural foods, that you’ve learned through your school years should do.

I don’t want you now going out there and acting in an extreme way, emptying the vegetable shelves etc. As I said before, the lack of meat in your daily nutrition is also a problem. Generally speaking, it is suggested that you eat meat about 2-3 times per week. You should be avoiding pork (as if you’re Jewish) and you should prefer white meats like chicken. Fish, although not considered a meat, is something that has proven to be very very good for you. So once a week make sure you eat some kind of fish. Honestly there is such a great variety in fish products, that you can make those meals really en joyful. But yeah, consuming salads on a daily basis at least once per day, is a good habit. It flushes out all the fat and toxins coming from meats that hang around in your bowel and are likely to create some problems there (long term.)

I really hope you have enjoyed this long article. I know I did and believe there are some gold nuggets for you to take home. Appreciate you for listening.

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