What’s so important about food? Why am I being so obsessed over quality nutrition and making sure our youth has the greatest food quality they can possibly have? Well…weren’t you paying attention? I said youth. 

Our youth is our future, and although we should also take care of ourselves us older people, taking care of the future generations is extremely important. See, leading a healthy life isn’t just about avoiding bad deceases at a young age. I mean, part of it is that: you wouldn’t want to end up with cancer in your thirties. However, having a healthy body and mind, will improve our societies. Even if you want to talk about performance and being productive in our every day jobs, studies have shown that healthy people perform mush better compared to others that don’t pay attention to what they eat (or as we all know the phrase: eat junk food.)

It is my highest responsibility, as a nutrition specialist and scientist to be the messenger of this important cause. If we want to live long enough to enjoy our children, and give them an opportunity to enjoy healthy children themselves, we must do our part. And everything starts and ends with food. The quality of the food, the quantity of the food and every aspect of it, is what’s so important and what we are going to be talking about throughout this amazing blog experience I am offering all of you. I certainly hope you find a lot of enjoyment, but most importantly value in what I have to say. I hope some of you, get that spark to do something better for our food future, and do something a lot more effective in a wider range of our human society.

Whenever you have something you want to say (good or bad,) I want to hear about it.

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