I welcome my guests!

Yes indeed you are guests – guests to a wonderful brand new blog talking about food. But not just any food…natural foods. In other words, the way God planned them to be without human intervention. Think of the damage we’ve caused in the food business for people, because we can’t rely on God’s great and holy plan for our nutrition. Why does man need to stick his dirty hands in God’s creations?

Although I am what most of you people would call “religious” out of respect for your own religious beliefs (if you got any) I won’t be getting in that area of discussion. I will however point out the destructive actions we as humans have taken for our food: not only where you find in the super markets, but also when you fly, when you take the train or when you order for it at an expensive restaurant. Through scientific proof, I will bring to you information in regards to the poisonous foods we are processing every single day. I will bring to all of you guys reports, and statistic data proving the exact statement which is: man intervention is a disastrous intervention.

I hope to see you all in the beautiful articles that are to be crafted in the upcoming days.

Stay blessed!

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